Your powder pressing solution

The Powder Press Parts Kit is an affordable solution that will help your indie cosmetic business become more productive and reduce the pain of hand-pressing cosmetic powders.

Finally you can say goodbye to painful hand-pressing your cosmetics, and say hello to faster more professional compression of your powders -- with no pain -- and greater profits!



How Does it Work?

Once you assemble the Parts Kit with your arbor press (not included), you can get to work! You simply place your pan with the powder on the round white Base Plate platform, and using an acrylic tamping tile on top of your powder, then turn the lever and compress.

You can put a texture sheet between the powder and tamping tool if you like. To press the powder deeper in the pan, use 2 tamping tiles. Tin pans recommended (instead of aluminum).

It exerts 1/2 TON of pressure with the easy turn of a lever!

Watch The Powder Press in Action

Press Any Size Pan up to 63mm

You can also do multiple pressing in one pan of powder (fill half
way, press, then fill more and press again) - for an extremely
firm-packed pan.

It's really simple and doesn't require any attachments except for the
pan and the tamping tiles you normally use. The Stomper (the upper white part) is 2-1/2" (63.5 mm) diameter, large enough for most powder pans.

You can press round, square, rectangle, and odd shaped pans too.


I am VERY SATISFIED...! I dreaded having to press a boat load of
highlighters at one time, but now I look forward to it! It does very
well with pressing designs as well! It saves the day when it comes to
Klarity Kosmetics.

When I saw a picture of The Powder Press my heart stopped. This was
exactly what I have been looking for over 2 years. I saw this in an
indie chat room and immediately bought it. Not only did it arrive
super-fast, most importantly it was very easy to assemble. I used to
dread to even think about pressing anything but after I got this machine
it's an absolute breeze. The second I pressed my first matte eye shadow
I was floored on how high end it looked so I hopped on the chat and
told everyone its a 10 out of 10 for me. Save your hands with this
miracle machine. It's so worth it.

Brandy, Give Me Glow Cosmetics

It is working WONDERFULLY so far! Especially for imprinting designs on
the pressed powders. It helps put the right amount of pressure without
the backache!

Ana, Beauty Escape Cosmetics

Woman INvented + Owned

Meet Debra Ann

The Powder Press was invented by Debra Ann, an artist who has been creating custom handmade hanging art mobiles for a decade as Atomic Mobiles.

She originally invented this machine to knead the polymer clay that she uses for her mobiles. It was brought to her attention (thank you Brandy!) that this invention would make a perfect pressing machine for the independent cosmetics industry. And The Powder Press was born!

Stop pressing your powder by hand! Ouch!